Weber: Schumacher’s comeback was the stupidest thing he could do

Michael Schumacher, Willi Weber

Michael Schumacher’s former manager Willi Weber has said that the German returning to Formula 1 in 2010 was the “stupidest thing he could do”.

The seven-time world champion came back to Formula 1 after a three-year absence to race for Mercedes, but was unable to replicate the success he enjoyed earlier in his career.

In three seasons with the team he picked up just one podium and was beaten on points on each occasion by his teammate Nico Rosberg.

“Let’s say, this was, even in hindsight, the stupidest thing he could do,” Weber told

“He told me he was bored, he had to drive.

“Then I say, ‘Michael, what do you want? You can only lose. You can’t win anymore. You won everything. You are the best racer in the world. You stand on the highest pedestal that exists. You can only lose now.’

“But, he just didn’t want to hear it.”

When Schumacher did make his return Weber decided not to go with him, citing a lack of desire to travel around the world with the Formula 1 calendar.

“After the years of being in Formula 1, I didn’t want to pack more suitcases, didn’t want to have jet lag anymore, didn’t want to sit on the plane for 24 hours, that was all too much for me,” he said.

“I imagined all this and offered him that I would not take part in overseas races, but I would take care of him in Europe. Then he kept coming back and saying, ‘Willi, I thought about it, I’m doing it on my own. I’ll do it all myself.’

“I said, ‘Michael, that’s a huge mistake, too. Let it be!’ ‘No, no, I’m doing that. If you don’t go along, I’ll do it myself.’ “