Website admits that quotes attributed to Marko were fake


Essentially Sports today issued an apology in the wake of comments attributed to Helmut Marko which so incensed Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton that he fired a strongly worded post on social media attacking the Red Bull consultant.

Abhishek Bharadwaj, presumably the author and/or editor posted: “Earlier today we published an article containing quotes attributed to Dr Helmut Marko. The quotes attributed to him were incorrect. The source of the information was not ‘RTL’ and instead of a parody Twitter account. It was wrong for us to publish the news story without first establishing the veracity of the information. We sincerely apologise to Dr Helmut Marko and to Aston Martin Red Bull Racing.”

Hamilton appears to have sent the scathing message below without consulting Marko about the quotes or verifying they were genuine.

The Mercedes driver has more than once fallen victim to his own ‘heart-on-the-sleeve’ posts including a video of him asking why his nephew liked fairy costumes; he has also had periods of social media silence as well as unfollowing most of the people he followed, and has never been afraid to voice his opinions.

His vocal support of Black Lives Matter has grabbed headlines and in most instances received positively by the F1 community. How he reacts to the current faux pas and saves face in the wake of the remarks will no doubt unfold in the coming days.

Essentially Sport is a fan-reporter website (Bleachereport style) and claims to be an “all-sports content and news website, with a mission to bridge the gap between a fans’ opinions and experts’ analysis. It is a platform which is dedicated to providing its readers with the best quality features, analysis as well as news reports from a variety of sports.

“Furthermore, with audience from over 20 countries including US, UK, Canada, Australia and India, EssentiallySports enjoys a stronghold among the Sports enthusiasts.”

They headlined their site with this apology: