Hamilton: We’ve seen the world open its eyes to racism

Lewis Hamilton

Mercedes Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton said that recent protests across the globe have seen the world open its eyes to racism in a post on Instagram.

The six-time world champion has been outspoken for much of his career about racism in society and that he has faced personally and has often been an advocate of greater diversity in Formula 1.

Hamilton remains the only black driver in the sport, but said that he felt the protests following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis had already had a positive impact on how people view and tackle racism.

“These past few weeks, we’ve seen the world open its eyes to the realities of racism today,” he said.

“People all over the world have united, and are using their voices and platforms in the fight for racial equality, and against police brutality and white supremacy.

“While we still have a long way to go in addressing this issue, I want to take a moment to appreciate the positive steps that have been taken so far, as a result of our collective voices and actions.

“We’ve seen laws being passed. We’ve seen police officers held accountable and charged for their fatal actions. Brands have started to align themselves with the Black Lives Matter movement, and are educating themselves on how they can do better. There’s also been a surge in the sale of anti-racist books, and many are watching films and documentaries to better educate themselves on our experience.

“More and more, we are seeing people wanting to learn about black history.

“This is only the beginning and there is still so much change to come.”

Formula 1 and a number of the drivers have offered their support to Hamilton and the Black Lives Matter movement in recent weeks after the 35-year-old questioned the biggest names in the sport for not acting.