Report: Ricciardo takes base salary cut in McLaren deal

Daniel Ricciardo’s contract with McLaren will see him take a lower base salary than he received at Renault, per a report from French media.

Believed to be guaranteed €20 million a year at the French constructor, from 2021 Ricciardo will take home just €10 million a year, albeit with the opportunity to raise that number as high as €31 million with bonuses.

As reported by, Ricciardo will receive an additional €400,000 for each points finish, and €1 million for each victory from the Woking outfit.

As to the length of the contract, the Australian is locked-in on a two-year deal, with the option for a one-year extension should he desire.

That means Ricciardo’s first chance to re-evaluate his position in F1 will come at the end of the 2022 season — the first year of the new technical regulations.

Interestingly, that lines him up with seats at a number of teams, as Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz and soon-to-be Aston Martin’s Sergio Perez have deals that expire at the same time, while it is possible Mercedes could also have an opening, should they continue their practice of signing Valtteri Bottas to one-year deals.