Todt: Worst case scenario would see Formula 1 become ‘Super Formula 2’

Formula 1 would be forced to undergo a drastic overhaul if teams are lost due to the COVID-19 pandemic, says FIA president Jean Todt.

A vocal proponent of cost reductions in the sport, Todt made it clear to Auto Motor und Sport about how he would respond in the “worst case scenario” of a 2020 season with no races, or multiple teams going under.

“Then we would have to ask the holders of commercial rights questions of principle such as: What should Formula 1 of the future look like? In the worst-case scenario, Formula 1 as we know it today would no longer be possible.

“With a cost cap of 50 million dollars without exceptions, nothing would be as it was. It would be a completely new Formula 1. A Super Formula 2.”

Set to be introduced in 2021, F1’s cost-cap has been serious point of contention amongst the teams in the wake of the coronavirus. Already slashed from the original $175 million number to 145, many of the smaller teams want to use the current uncertainty to further balance the financial playing-field, while some of the bigger teams remain opposed.

However with the number pushed by the “pro-reduction” faction believed to still be $100m, Todt’s proposal would represent a dramatic decrease for all.