COVID-19: German Grand Prix could make a comeback

Hockenheim could be used for a Formula 1 Grand Prix in 2020, according to the circuit’s managing director, Jorn Teske.

Falling off the calendar after the 2019 edition, Teske indicated the German GP could make a surprise return this season if F1 needs alternative sites in Europe amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I can confirm that we are in discussion [with F1],” Teske told motorsport-total.com. “We were and are in contact with Formula 1 colleagues from time to time anyway. After so many years of partnership, it is normal to ask each other what their status is.”

“We are in dialogue regarding these topics. And we have also talked about the uncertainties of the race calendar in Formula 1.”

At the same time, Teske cautioned that these were only preliminary discussions.

“We talk about whether something like this would be possible. Can we imagine that? You can imagine a lot. Of course you could easily talk about it.

“But not about data, conditions, constructions and the like. Which is mandatory is necessary in order to be able to test something like this seriously. It didn’t go that far.”

In any case, Hockenheim would only be willing to host the race if the financials made sense — something that hasn’t always been so in the past.

“We have always said that we can only host Formula 1 on the condition that it doesn’t bear an incalculable financial risk for us,” Teske said.

“That was our main guideline for the last few years. We always stuck to it, and we managed to find contractual set-ups that fulfilled just that.”

Further complicating matters, there is also the need for government approval with extensive lockdown measures in place.

“There is no current regulation. I don’t need to speak to anyone unless we know what we’re doing here, and we don’t know that right now,” he admitted.

“As long as we don’t know that, I cannot make a binding commitment to a partner that we will do it, provided the conditions are right. You could theoretically negotiate terms about something — and then still have the big asterisk above this agreement: ‘Subject to all necessary Permits and entry requirements.'”