Wolff: Aston Martin investment nothing to do with Formula 1

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has moved to further downplay his £37 million investment in Aston Martin, suggesting it is solely because of its commercial potential, and has nothing to do with the company’s foray into Formula 1.

A saga that has seen plenty of doubt cast on Wolff’s future at the Silver Arrows given his contract expires at the end of the year, the Austrian has explained why he decided to buy a 0.95% stake in the British manufacturer.

“The shares are very low right now and the new product line is great,” he told Austrian newspaper Österreich. “It is a personal financial investment in an automobile manufacturer that has nothing to do with Formula 1. And after Corona, there will be a normal time again, when people will buy cars again.”

Pressed on how this can be reconciled with his role at Mercedes, Wolff responded: “very well”.

“We will supply the new Aston Martin F1 team with our engines, and we will do the same in series production. The Aston Martin street cars have Mercedes engines. [Mercedes parent company] Daimler also holds a five percent stake in Aston Martin.”

Furthermore, when asked about the rumours linking both him and driver Lewis Hamilton to a switch to the Silverstone outfit, Wolff was even more emphatic.

“I only give a short statement à la Niki Lauda: total bullshit!”