Safeguard clause added to sporting code by FIA

The FIA has added a “safeguard clause” to its international sporting code as it looks to manage the impact of the coronavirus.

The pandemic has already lead to a series of FIA-sanctioned events being cancelled and the clause allows for regulation changes to be made quicker across its championships, including Formula 1.

While decisions usually require unanimous support from the teams involved in the championship, the new clause means that new rule changes only need majority-backing.

It is understood that the alteration will remain in place until the current situation has been resolved.

With F1 teams currently in negotiations over a potential reduction to the budget cap, teams could see the new clause in practice shortly.

FIA international sporting code clause 18.2.4 (Changes in italics)

“Shorter notice periods than those mentioned above may be applied, provided that the unanimous agreement of all Competitors properly entered for the Championship, cup, trophy, challenge or series concerned is obtained.

“However, in exceptional circumstances, and if the FIA considers that the change in question is essential for the safeguarding of the Championship, cup, trophy, challenge or series concerned, the agreement of the majority of the Competitors properly entered shall suffice.”