Steiner: I think Haas are here to stay

Haas will not be leaving Formula 1 as long as the sport can “find solutions for the mid and long-term”, says team boss Guenther Steiner.

One of the hotter topics in F1 before COVID-19 took over, Gene Haas made it known in early March he was hesitant to commit to another five-year term in the sport, implying the cost and lack of competitive balance was discouraging him.

However Steiner, who already moved to play-down the comments after the aborted Australian Grand Prix, has expressed further optimism over his team’s future.

“For sure we have to see out this [COVID-19] scenario but if we can get in what the plan is now [18 races], we are good for the year,” he told Sky Sports F1.

“I’m in touch with Gene almost every day, he wants to be involved with what is happening, and he seems to be in a good place.

“We just need to be diligent. The budget cap, all this brings the teams together and being competitive will help. So I think we are here to stay.”

Currently the teams are negotiating to lower the incoming budget cap from its original $175 million figure, with a decrease to $150m already agreed, but several small teams pushing to lower it further.

From Steiner’s perspective those changes should assuage Haas’ concerns.

“if we find solutions for the mid and long-term [then Gene Haas] is happy”.

“We need to come up with solutions which I think we are. If we do he wants to keep on going racing.”