Domenicali: Smaller teams will need more races


Formula 1’s less-funded teams would be hoping for a revised 2020 calendar with at least 18 races, according to former Ferrari boss Stefano Domenicali.

Domenicali, who is now the CEO at Lamborghini after leading the Scuderia from 2008-2014, explained on Thursday that while F1 shed even more races from its 2020 schedule on Thursday, it can’t afford to lose too many if it wants to keep the sport’s smaller players afloat.

“Today on the table of the F1 meeting there is the operative theme linked to the calendar, to the contracts, to the constraints that there has to be a minimum calendar so that the system can be self-financing”, he told Radio 24’s Tutti Convocati.

“There are many teams that live thanks to the revenue guaranteed by the system, but if there are not a certain number of races guaranteed in a season, they can lose many agreements that guarantee income”.

With the cancellation of the Dutch, Spanish and Monaco Grands Prix on Thursday, the 2020 season is down to 15 races, after starting with a record 22. However, F1 CEO Chase Carey has announced he intends to create a revised schedule that would see some of the cancelled races take place at slots later in the season.

From what Domenicali can see, this is almost a necessity to get the race quota to an acceptable number.

“The first priority [for F1] is to start with a more or less certain definition of a calendar with a minimum of 18 races — which at the moment there is not,” he said.