Red Mist: The difference between the FIA and FIFA? One F…

Jean Todt

Red Mist finds FIA President Jean Todt’s latest Napoleonic response to the seven Formula 1 teams who dared challenge his and his organisation’s authority most interesting.

Not so much that it is so draconian in its threat, but rather in its similarity in so many ways to a certain other doomed international sporting body boss’ response to its teams and federations.

“Actions of individuals bring shame and humiliation on football and demand action and change,” soccer federation boss Sepp Blatter threatened as he thumped his rostrum in the wake of early concerns around certain FIFA ‘preferences’ five years or so ago. “We cannot allow the reputation of FIFA to be dragged through the mud any longer.”

Blatter reiterated: “Those who are corrupt in football – as in society – are in a minority.” Today, the former football president remains banned from all FIFA activities — do you know why? His native Swiss Attorney General’s office called it ‘criminal mismanagement’ on its dossier in its investigations into Blatter’s activities at the helm…

“Building on a totally inaccurate and biased fact pattern, not only do you challenge the decision of the FIA, you openly question the integrity of the Federation and its representatives,” Todt responded in his letter to the seven teams that have dared question his and the FIA’s ‘preferences’ toward the team he once ran and of which his son still manages a driver.

“The FIA strongly rejects and denies your allegations … extremely serious charges against the FIA and key officials, notably the president, are injurious and defamatory.”

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