Ecclestone: The teams have to sue the FIA

Rival teams should sue the FIA for their lost millions due to the Ferrari fuel-flow settlement, says former Formula 1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone.

A subject of ongoing controversy, the FIA’s confidential settlement with Ferrari over allegations it subverted the 100 kg/hour fuel-flow limit in 2019 has been unanimously opposed by the seven non-Ferrari linked teams on the grid, with a statement from the group indicating that they were considering legal action.

Now Ecclestone, who stepped down from his post as F1 CEO when Liberty Media took over the sport in January 2017, has suggested that legal action is exactly what they must pursue.

“The teams have to sue the FIA. It’s about millions that I think they deserve back in money,” he told

“If Ferrari were clean and innocent, why did they even agree to a deal with Jean Todt? That alone seems like a confession to me.“

Should the Scuderia be disqualified from the championship, approximately $40 million in prizemoney would be distributed to the eight teams below them on the 2019 championship table, plus any performance-related bonuses from sponsors.

On their part, the FIA maintains the settlement is both “effective and dissuasive” and necessary as “further action would not necessarily result in a conclusive case due to the complexity of the matter and the material impossibility to provide the unequivocal evidence of a breach”.