Red Mist: Coronavirus double jeopardy for Formula 1

Sam Tomlinson’s jaw-dropping Coronavirus revelation last night is of great concern to Formula 1.

On a day where the fight is whether the Tokyo Olympics should go ahead, be postponed or cancelled as soccer matches, events and any public attraction is put off by the minute, F1 is unlikely to be exempt.

The virus is spreading like wildfire through Italy and Japan among other areas, so one has to ponder how Australia, a country already so sensitive to what comes into its borders and ports, will handle literally thousands of Italians, Japanese and the rest jetting in from affected areas to play racing car when there is even half a chance of one citizen perishing because one of those people had a cold?

Never mind Bahrain, Vietnam and China – oh, wait – that’s already off… and the rest…

Soon it is likely that Covid 19 will be declared a pandemic and as scary and as sad as it may seem,  F1 2020 could very well be a nonstarter as travel restrictions come into play – never mind the will for anyone to travel, whatever the attraction…

Were this to happen, how many races will be cancelled, and will we have a 2020 F1 World Championship at all? Sure, it will likely all blow over before too long and in that case, the racing – and the rest – will soon commence once again.

That leads to another pertinent question – should F1 fail to race this year, what will become of this year’s cars, considering the impending new rules for 2021? Would the change to those new be cars deferred to allow the teams to race the cars we will see testing again today for a season? That’s just one of so many predicaments this calamity will present.

It may not happen, but tell me right now it won’t? Whatever happens, we appear set for something none of us ever anticipated or have seen before and racing may just have to wait for it to all blow over before we play again. And who knows for how long…?