Inside Line: Good news for this website and our partners

A fresh breeze of change has blown through Grand Prix 247 during the off-season and, as a result, we are in for a great 2020 Formula 1 World Championship season with our readers foremost in mind, I have some cool developments to share with you.

First and foremost, I am proud to announce our partnership with Paddock Legends, a premier merchandise producer, supplier and distributor with presence trackside at Grand Prix weekends, select events supported by two retail stores – one at the home of Michael Schumacher’s permanent exhibition at Motorworld in Cologne and another at the Nurburgring circuit.

With our partner, the intent is to create a strong online presence for Paddock Legends that goes beyond a store but is rather an experience where our historical content will find a home to add value for visitors to the online portal.

Paddock Legends partners include the greatest Legends of motorsport, thus to be mandated to recall the exploits of the likes of Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher, James Hunt, Kimi Raikkonen, Mika Hakkinen – and the numerous others that have thrilled us over the decades – is a proper privilege for our team.

Our team for 2020 and beyond is: Ben Stevens who will be Grand Prix 247 Editor with motorsport veteran all-rounder Michele Lupini in the role of Paddock Legends Editor and Sam Tomlinson onboard as our Social Media Guru and writer, with me in the background barking orders and doing the stuff I do. Collectively we will service both sites.

Expect more Inside Lines, Outside Lines, The Undercuts, Red Mists, Off-Cambers, Tech Insights and some new ones as the season evolves.

We will have a presence at select Grand Prix weekends with Ben doing Melbourne for us and a few more surprises in store as our action plan unfolds in forthcoming months.

Also great to confirm that #MsportXtra has added Paddock Legends as a partner to Duurt’s respected and wide-reaching network. He has agreed to activate some cool competitions which we will promote collectively.

Andrew Maitland will continue to supply us with his unique perspective of the sport, and there are plans to rope-in more maverick F1 commentators to the fold, for both sites under our watch.

So you can call this growth, but more than that it is the reward of ten years graft and loyalty from all of you who read these words. You folks fueled the inspiration to relentlessly pound out this site when many times pulling the plug would have been the sane thing to do.

Insanity prevailed, Ben coming on board three years ago with no compensation was a huge motivator and it is fair to say we step up to the next level, and sincerely hope that a year down the line you will look back and credit this site and our team for helping make 2020 a memorable F1 season. That’s the goal.

I would like to quote MBA-Sport and Paddock Legends CEO Markus Schell: “Our goal is to remember, honour and pay tribute to the Legends of our sport. The drivers whose legacies make Formula 1 what it is today. The history that spawns the future.

“As time marches on we cannot forget them, thus through the Paddock Legends project, we will recall the great stories and blow the dust off the great motorsport Legacies through our online presence. This is a journey of responsibility.”

For me, it was very easy to buy into that ethos! So our readers who support them will be supporting us as we enter our own new era.

In closing, and also on a positive note our stats on Grand Prix 247 show we are growing at a regular 20% to 25% per year since this ‘thing-of-ours’ began over a decade ago.

Paul Velasco