FIA Details Fuel-Flow Meter Requirements for 2021

The FIA has released an invitation to tender for the standard fuel-flow meter to be used from the 2021 season, as part of its push to cut costs and avoid controversies like the one surrounding Ferrari during the 2019 season.

A move first announced with the rest of the 2021 technical regulations last October, the FIA has now further detailed the introduction of its standardised fuel-flow meter as part of its invitation to tender.

The document, released earlier this week, sets a deadline of March 13 for applications, with a decision to be announced by mid-April.

The successful applicant will supply fuel-flow meters to all teams for the 2021-23 seasons, with the possibility of a one- or two-year extension.

Where in the original 2021 regulations teams were required to run only a single fuel-flow meter, a change brought in for the 2020 season now requires two such devices, which the FIA says “will likely remain in place for 2021 and beyond”. Additionally, the teams will only be granted eight copies of the first sensor, and four of the second for the entirety of the season.

Last year Ferrari were speculated to have found a way to subvert the 100kg per hour fuel-flow limit through electrical interference with the meter. With a standardised part, the FIA is hoping such measures are impossible.

On the subject of cost, the FIA states that “the purchase price of the fuel flow meter shall not exceed £5000 with a warranty of 100 hours running time. The service cost for any 100 extra hours of running time shall not exceed £500.”

Once the supplier is chosen, teams will be allowed to start ordering meters from May 1 2020, with at least two delivered to each team and the FIA by July 1.