Inside Line: GrandPrix247 now on Instagram

Finally, GrandPrix247 is officially on Instagram! After a stumbling, and under the radar start a few years ago, which put the project on ice due to my personal lack of interest in the medium at the time.

While we service Twitter and Facebook with links to reports, these two social media projects are simply extensions of what is done on this site, in other words, portals to spread our headlines.

However, Instagram will not be link-dependent to the site, instead, we will be looking at visual story-telling and engagement with followers with unique content including great photography and posts that will tell the F1 story on an alternative platform which has a younger audience which we hope to captivate with the project.

Whatever the case, our Instagram will be curated by Luis Velasco with expert guidance and editorial support from the main site. As a veteran photographer, I am excited by the potential for Instagram to be more than a bolt-on, but rather a unique way to tell stories with a visual perspective.

We are doing it now because the infra-structure is there to sustain this foray into an exciting world of media.

This site is late arriving at the Instagram ‘party’ but we still hope to have fun and engage with a potentially newer audience. Let’s see where this journey takes us…

So follow us on this new venture and enjoy the ride! Here we go>>>