Briatore: Verstappen must learn to keep his mouth shut

From a man who knows a thing or two about a managing a driver not afraid to shoot-from-the-hip when aggrieved, former Formula 1 team boss Flavio Briatore advises Max Verstappen to watch what he says.

In the wake of Verstappen’s new deal with Red Bull through 2023, Briatore told Autosprint that the team is now well set up for the future.

“It is a team that is always on the right track,” said the Italian. “But now that Honda is also a permanent force in the team, the uncertainty surrounding the power and reliability of the engine is also decreasing.

“However, Red Bull is also afraid of losing their partner after 2021,” Briatore added.

But he said that reaching a long-term contractual deal with Verstappen is definitely a good move for Red Bull, “It’s nice to see him at Red Bull, where he is at the top of the field and will now stay there for a long time. He’s very fast, knowing how to constantly improve himself and he often steals the show.

“But Verstappen must also learn to keep his mouth shut,” he advised when asked about the Dutch driver’s inflammatory comments about Ferrari’s engine late last year.

“He could have left out the accusation that they cheated. First of all, it’s not up to him to make those sorts of statements. Secondly, the whole story was totally inaccurate,” added Briatore.