Verstappen: If we drove a Mercedes we’d be less aggressive

Red Bull star Max Verstappen says he and his non-Mercedes colleagues would drive far less aggressively if they had the privilege of driving the all-conquering a Silver Arrows that powered Lewis Hamilton to the title this year, his fifth for the German team.

Most pundits agree that the Dutchman was notably more mature during the course of the 2019 season when compared to his early days in Formula 1 as precocious teenager.

However, six-time F1 World Champion, Hamilton has charged more than once in the past that Verstappen is still too aggressive on occasions.

But, speaking to Formule1, Verstappen countered, “That may have something to do with the generation, but I don’t think we drive very differently to how he did in his first five years.

As for whether he has tempered his aggression compared to his incident-packed early years in the top flight, Verstappen replied: “No, I just think that with more experience in Formula 1 you can judge better what can and cannot be done.”

And Verstappen is convinced Hamilton’s mighty Mercedes is also a factor, “Whatever it is, he is in a car that is world champion material. We sometimes have the chance to fight with him but then we have to be a little harder otherwise you don’t stand a chance.

“If it was the other way around and we were in such a car, we would sometimes be less aggressive. Because in such a position you know you just have to get points for the championship, so sometimes it is better to let the other guy win the race and you finish second,” explained Verstappen.