Chase Carey

Carey: F1 has too many complicated penalties and rules

The ten Formula 1 team have reportedly agreed in principle with the brand new technical and sporting regulations for 2021 and beyond, but are still negotiating new commercial agreements with Liberty Media and the FIA.

“We have got too many complicated penalties and rules,” said Carey during a recent investor conference. “We have got a 100-page regulation book. We have got to get the business to a place where it is easier to follow and has fewer complexities that fans out there really can’t follow.

“It will always be a complicated sport that is a marriage of sporting competition and technology but we need to make it something that is more in line with what the fans want to see and what excites and energises them.”

Carey, who runs the sport on behalf of its owner Liberty, acknowledged that the intrinsic nature of F1 means it will “always” be complex.

An example of this took place at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, season finale, when Charles Leclerc’s Ferrari was found to breach fuel regulations ahead of the race. The Monegasque was allowed to race while his fate was unknown.

It took four hours for the stewards to ratify the findings after the race, until which point it was unknown if Leclerc had finished third or he would be disqualified for the infringement.

The latest incident was one of several this season that have given credence to Carey’s claims.

Meanwhile, GMM reports that teams will have the freedom to pull out of the sport each year once they sign the new 2021-2025 Concorde Agreement.

Big Question: Is modern F1 too complicated?