Odds for the 2020 F1 World Championship season

The Formula One World Championship may be over for another year, with British driver Lewis Hamilton cementing himself as one of the all-time greats with his sixth title victory, but that does not mean that interest in the sport is set to go dormant; quite the opposite.

There is already heated debate surrounding which driver and team stands the best chance of romping to pole position in 2020, with some seeing Max Verstappen as posing the biggest threat to the incumbent frontrunners. Others argue that it will be difficult to dethrone the likes of Mercedes and Ferrari, even with significant backing and talent behind them.

So what are the odds for the 2020 season of the F1 World Championship looking like at the moment, and how might things change in the months between now and when the whole thing kicks off next March in Melbourne?

Bookies’ Favourites

Although the playing field can shift significantly while the season is in progress, the aftermath provides a bit more stability and allows industry experts and fans alike the chance to take stock and work out where things will stand once competition commences again.

As the reigning champion, Lewis Hamilton is still seen as the most likely man to retain the title in 2020. Things could change significantly if Hamilton decides to quit Mercedes, as has been rumoured.

Having won the Canadian Grand Prix in 2019, it seems probable that he will repeat the trick when he returns to Montreal on June 14th 2020. However so much can change quickly in the world of F1 that certainties are hard to come by.

At this time, betting on Lewis Hamilton may be safe, but the odds are poor, for obvious reasons. Things look much more interesting when considering his closest rivals.

Charles Leclerc, for example, has odds of 9/2 to win the championship next year, while the aforementioned Max Verstappen has odds of 13/2 on many of the biggest online sports bookmakers at the moment. If you like to gamble on occasion, you may also enjoy one of the driving-based slot games on Casumo online casino such as Drive: Multiplayer Mayhem.

Sebastian Vettel and Valtteri Botas are also in close contention, only falling slightly behind Verstappen in terms of the anticipated chances of lifting the trophy at the end of the championship.

Of course subjective preferences, gut feelings and the personalities of the drivers may all come into play when considering which one to back.

Appealing Outsiders

At the upper end of the table where competition is most fierce and the differences between each driver can hang on knife-edge decisions, there may actually be less excitement involved in placing a wager. You might even see it as a foregone conclusion that a particular driver is going to win next year, or be put off by the fact that the odds are not especially rewarding at the moment.

In that case, it may make sense to put your money on someone who is on the peripheries of the sport from a competitive perspective, with the hope that some surprising twist of fate will see them catapulted into the spotlight unexpectedly in 2020.

For example, you might feel like 40 year old Kimi Raikkonen is in with a shot of returning to the pinnacle of the sport in spite of his age. Indeed his experience level puts him at an advantage over many of the much younger drivers at the moment, many of whom are half his age.

Alternatively you might think that 20 year old Lando Norris from the UK is an up and coming start to watch, perhaps stepping into Lewis Hamilton’s shoes and becoming the next star that McLaren needs to remain relevant.

When the odds of 1000 or 1500 to 1 are offered for these kind of outsider bets, putting down a pittance can net a major payout if you get extremely lucky. Of course when it comes to who will actually be F1 champion next year, only time will tell.