Symonds: Formula 1 will not go fully electirc

Formula 1 will work to become the authority in the area of biofuels rather than join Formula E in the world of electric power, according to Pat Symonds, who now works with the FIA.

“F1 didn’t invent the hybrid, but F1 showed what a hybrid could be and it moved people’s perceptions of what a hybrid is capable of,” he said.

Currently, the rules mandate a 5.75pc biofuel mix, and that should increase to 10pc for 2021. But Symonds indicated that the eventual goal is 100pc.

“The path to that is not completely clear at the moment, but in partnership with the FIA and with the help of the engine manufacturers and the fuel companies, we are looking at the way forward,” he said.

“What we cannot do is carry on digging those (fuels) out of the ground. We’re going to have to somehow synthesise them and that’s what we want Formula 1 to explore and hopefully to lead.”

Symonds said F1 will not simply follow Formula E’s lead with all-electric power, “What we can do is we can show the world that there are alternatives to electric power and there are alternatives to storing electricity in heavy and, I have to say, somewhat dirty batteries.”

Big Question: How can F1 stop from going fully electric?

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