Sainz: I did not like the 2020 Pirelli tyres I tried

McLaren driver Carlos Sainz believes Pirelli should scrap its planned new tyres earmarked for the 2020 Formula 1 season.

The drivers got their first taste of the 2020 tyres in practice in Austin, but the new specification – designed to minimise overheating – was almost universally unpopular.

“I think the tyres for this season were a step forward. Their behaviour is better than last year,” Sainz told reporters in Brazil. “But I did not like what I tried for 2020. I am a driver and I have the right to criticise something that I do not like.”

Sainz also got an early taste of Pirelli’s new 18 inch tyres for 2021 at a test last week at Paul Ricard, “I can’t comment about that as it was a confidential test, but the test went relatively well. But next year, I would propose that we use the tyres that we have now.”

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