Seidl: Reverse-grid Races Still on the Table for 2021

Formula 1 may still see the debut of reverse-grid, sprint race qualifying in 2021, according to McLaren’s team principal, Andreas Seidl.

F1 sporting director Ross Brawn actually wanted to trial the concept over three races next year, but the teams did not unanimously agree.

“Ross said today that two teams opposed it, so it is currently off the agenda for 2020,” said Seidl.

“But as soon as we have clarity over the main issues for 2021, it will be possible to return to the discussion not only about qualifying races, but other interesting ideas that have been discussed.”

One such idea is actually being proposed for 2020, and would see drivers no longer having to start races on the tyres they set their fastest Q2 time with.

“We are having that discussion now,” Seidl revealed, “but as you know, in order to change the rules for 2020, all the teams need to unanimously vote. And we know how likely that is.”

He explained that the rule is designed to help the smaller teams.

“We have seen more than once that faster cars can afford to use the medium tyre in Q2, giving them an additional advantage in the race,” said Seidl.

Seidl said he will therefore vote for that change, adding that McLaren is “completely satisfied” with the soon-to-be-published 2021 regulations in full.