Heidfeld: The Time Will Come When Mercedes’ Dominance Ends


Mercedes’ run as the dominant force in F1 is coming to an end, according to Nick Heidfeld.

The Silver Arrows have won the drivers’ and constructors’ championships for a record-setting six times in a row.

But Heidfeld now senses a changing of the guard.

“It’s difficult to get in a driver’s head, but I get the sense that there are other things that Hamilton would like to do in his life.

“He is 34 and I think it’s more likely that he drives only for one or two more years than until he is 40,” he told Sky Germany.

At the same time, German Heidfeld thinks Ferrari is now clearly building up for a strong championship challenge in 2020.

“Vettel and Leclerc are fighting for number 1 status at the same time that Ferrari is already focused on next season as well,” he said.

“What is important for them now is to have the pace and to learn from their mistakes. I can imagine that in the next year or so, we see a change in the balance of power and a replacement of Mercedes at the top.

“It may seem unlikely at the moment, but the time will come when Mercedes’ dominance ends,” Heidfeld added.