Racing Point: We made steady progress throughout the day

Racing Point report from Friday practice at the Mexican Grand Prix, round 18 of the 2019 FIA Formula One World Championship.

Lance Stroll:

FP11:19.679P1621 laps
FP21:18.362P1138 laps

Lance: “We had a solid day today. I was looking for the limits in the first session and just went over them. I thought I was going to be stuck in the barrier, but I managed to get out and get the car back. Well done to the team for fixing it so quickly because we even managed to get out again for a long run at the end of the morning session. I feel pretty positive overall and I think we can have a competitive weekend. Tyre management is going to be very important and tyre graining could be an issue in the race. That could open up some different strategy options on Sunday.”

Sergio Perez:

FP11:19.717P1723 laps
FP21:18.366P1234 laps

Sergio: “It wasn’t the easiest first session for me and we had a few small issues, but things improved in the afternoon and we made some progress. I still think there is more to come and that we can find a few tenths this evening to help us over a single lap. All the teams in the middle of the grid are very close so it’s going to be a very tight grid. We looked pretty strong during the race simulations and we have tried all the tyre compounds. I think we are in good shape and have all the information to help us make the right decisions tonight.”

Otmar Szafnauer, CEO & Team Principal:

“We made steady progress throughout the day and both drivers are generally happy with the car during the long runs. There is work to be done on the performance runs ahead of qualifying, which will be the focus tomorrow morning. We’ve covered a good amount of laps [116] and done our homework on the tyre compounds. The main challenge here is getting the tyres to work through the low-speed corners without too much graining.”