Magnussen: It’s Not an Easy Sport to Turn Green

Haas’ Kevin Magnussen has announced he views environmental concerns as the ‘biggest threat’ to the future of Formula One.

After Lewis Hamilton faced backlash for promoting his ‘green’ credentials, Haas driver Magnussen revealed that he too has become a vegan.

“There is no doubt that the meat industry accounts for a significant portion of the total CO2 emissions,” he said.

Magnussen also told the Danish newspaper BT: “It is clear that there is a serious problem with the climate and I cannot understand if anyone denies it.”

Magnussen, 27, also acknowledged the hypocrisy of F1 drivers crowing about the environment.

“I’m a Formula 1 driver and I fly around the world, but at least I’ve started to have a bad conscience about it,” he said.

“I have recognised that there is a problem and I am keen to see how Formula 1 will respond.

“It’s not an easy sport to turn green, but it is the biggest threat Formula 1 faces,” Magnussen added.