Verstappen: We don’t want something like American wrestling

Formula 1 stakeholders have listened to drivers as they map the way forward for the sport beyond 2020, with Max Verstappen revealing that he and his peers have met with Liberty Media for this purpose.

In an interview on his website, Verstappen said, “Us drivers had a meeting with the Formula 1 owners. We spoke a lot about what we want as drivers.”

Among some of the tweaks being considered are qualifying races with reverse grids, apparently, concepts pencilled in for “experimentation” at select races next season.

A large segment of F1 fans are traditionalists who already feel the sport is too gimmicky with control tyres and DRS.

As for what the drivers are calling for, the Red Bull driver revealed, “Nothing has been decided but we don’t want something like American wrestling were everything is artificial and fake. We made clear that is not what we want. I think qualifying is good the way it is. I wouldn’t know how to change it.”

The grid penalty system is also an unpopular, and confusing system, which when asked about Verstappen said he liked the current format, “I’d rather have this system than starting the race with a time penalty. I’d rather start at the back and work my way through the order. It means you’ve completed your penalty and can go about making the most of a race.”

The 2021 cars are expected to be slower, but cheaper to run than the current generation which in turn is expected to close the gap between the haves and the have-nots in the top flight.

The Dutchman explained. “The cars are faster and more fun to driver compared to my first year. That’s the best change in my opinion, despite overtaking now being more difficult.”

Regarding the elephant-in-the-room, regarding a more level playing field, the 22-year-old also came out of left field with his response,  “Yes and no. Formula 1 become popular because manufacturers took each other on. It is also good for the development of road car technology.

“It’s good PR for Mercedes if they beat Ferrari and for Red Bull Formula 1 is marketing. But it would be good to make it a bit more even but not completely.”