F2 Statement: Matsushita and Mazepin uninjured

Formula 2 drivers Nobuharu Matsushita and Nikita Mazepin had a lucky escape after suffering a horrendous crash during the Russian Grand Prix.

The pair were rushed straight to hospital following the collision, but neither has sustained any broken bones or serious injuries.

The race was immediately postponed following the incident, which took place on turn two on the very first lap.

Russian driver Mazepin, 20, appeared to leave the track at turn two and attempt to rejoin the racing line. In doing so, he collided with his rival, 25, and forced both into the barrier.

Formula 2 Statement:

Nobuharu Matsushita and Nikita Mazepin have both been confirmed as uninjured following their heavy collision in today’s Sprint Race.

The duo collided during the opening lap of the race, which brought out a red flag. Mazepin was able to get out of the car himself, while Matushita was helped out by the medical crews.

They were both conscious and taken to Sochi hospital for precautionary checks, which have revealed that they are both well.