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Rosberg: Vettel out-lap the most epic the world has ever seen

Nico Rosberg was fired up Sebastian Vettel’s victory on the streets of Marina Bay, hailing the Ferrari driver’s “epic” outlap after his pitstop in the race as one of the best seen in the sport.

With teammate, Charles Leclerc controlling the race in the lead Vettel made an unplanned early stop on lap 19 from second place and in the process delivered an undercut which saw him stay in the lead from the moment Leclerc emerged from his stop behind the #5 car.

Rosberg, the 2016 F1 World Champion turned entrepreneur vlogger, said of the race-winner in his video analysis of the Singapore Grand Prix, “Vettel’s done a really, really good weekend under all these difficult circumstances

“I mean the criticism on him were so hard, lost a lot of support there and even from the team internally, his Ferrari family. It’s tough for a driver when you then feel that everybody is supporting the young gun, the up-and-coming star and you’re losing the support even though you get paid so much more salary and all the rest of it.

“With that pressure, he was driving really, really well this weekend and even in qualifying was on it just didn’t quite get it in the end, but he was really on the pace with Charles all the way.

“And in the race, the strategy might not have been in his favour but the out lap Vettel did on those hard tyres was surely one of the best laps he’s ever done. It was absolutely epic, the computer calculated you should be able to gain about two-seconds and he gained three 3.4-seconds on Charles.

“He did the absolute most epic out-lap the world has ever seen so, you know, if you do the job there in those crucial moments then you somewhat deserve the race win

“So great job, hats off and a really important comeback for Sebastian, important for his mental game as well and for support within the team. Congrats there well deserved,” added Rosberg who tackled other highlights of the race night in Singapore.