Toro Rosso: There’s margin for more performance

Toro Rosso report from day one of the Singapore Grand Prix weekend, Round 15 of the 2019 Formula 1 World Championship, at Marina Bay Street Circuit.

Pierre Gasly

  • First Practice Session Best lap: 1:42.377, pos. 10th, 24 laps
  • Second Practice Session Best lap: 1:40.637, pos. 10th, 32 laps

“It was a positive first day for us in Singapore. We did a few tests but we have some more work to do tonight to improve. Finishing in the top ten in both sessions was a good start to the weekend and the pace looks decent. I think it will be really tight in Qualifying, so it will be important to put things together overnight to give ourselves the best chance tomorrow. I’m feeling good in the car, which is encouraging.”

Daniil Kvyat

  • First Practice Session Best lap: 1:42.305, pos. 9th, 26 laps
  • Second Practice Session Best lap: 1:40.713, pos. 11th, 32 laps

“We had a smooth Friday, we managed to finish the programme we set out for both of the sessions and we know there’s some work to do to improve our balance for tomorrow. I’m happy with today and I’m sure tomorrow we will learn more to try and optimise the car a bit better. I think there is more time to be gained and we will do our best to find it.”

Jonathan Eddolls, Chief Race Engineer: “Singapore is a favourite venue for many working within the team. It’s such an amazing track in the centre of the city and quite unique, as we start in daytime and end in the night which means we stay on European time.

“One of the obstacles this presents us with, is that because FP1 and FP3 are at such different times of the day compared to Quali and the Race, the track temperatures change a lot compared to the first sessions of Friday and Saturday.

“Because of this, what you learn in those sessions isn’t relevant to the next one on the same day. Singapore is a track where there’s much to be gained from the drivers as it’s a street circuit, so we always aim to give them as many laps as possible with a car that’s consistent to build up their confidence.

“In FP1, we had some background aero tests which all went to plan. We ran a rake on Pierre’s installation lap, and once we gathered all the information we needed, it was then a case of focussing on the car balance and following the track evolution.

“Even though we were looking quite competitive in FP1, we made a few changes heading into FP2 to be ready for different track conditions. The first runs on the Base tyre were extremely competitive so that was looking positive.

“Then on the Option we experienced some understeer, so we didn’t extract the most out of that tyre. Now we have a good idea of what we need to do for tomorrow. I think there’s margin for more performance on the low fuel runs, but our high fuel runs performance seemed OK.”