Jos Verstappen: Everything is still wide open for Max in 2021

Max Verstappen’s contract with Red Bull runs out at the end of next year and it is quite clear that the ‘negotiations’ are beginning with Team Max keeping all options open as they seek a Formula 1 championship-winning package.

Jos Verstappen senior fired a warning salvo in a recent interview with Ziggo Sport, “The most important thing is that we get a race car with which Max can challenge for the title. Next year we will be at Red Bull anyway.

“However, everything is still wide open for 2021 but there’s nothing going on right now. We’re focusing on 2020 and then we will look around,” added the former F1 driver whose son has become one of the brightest stars in the top flight.

Meanwhile, Honda and Red Bull are working feverishly to provide Verstappen with a title-challenging race car and should they come good, the 21-year-old is likely to stay with the Blues.

Verstappen’s options beyond his current team are of course with Ferrari and Mercedes, but both teams are committed to their ‘alpha’ drivers until the end of 2020, with the Reds likely to be led by Charles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilton doing the business for Mercedes, adding Verstappen to either team would result in fireworks.

But young Verstappen played down the idea of conflict, “Charles and I could get along in the same team. We both want to win but we respect each other. I won’t deny that there could be conflicts but it wouldn’t be like Hamilton and Rosberg at Mercedes.”

Jos added, “We’ve known Leclerc for a long time, Max has been racing him for a long time. He is a fast driver and I think it’s really nice that in the coming years we will see a fight between Hamilton, Verstappen and Leclerc. That’s good for the sport.”

Big Question: Max to Ferrari or Merc or stay put at Red Bull for 2021 and beyond?