Abiteboul: We have the power but the car is weak

Renault were expecting regular Grand Prix podiums with their new driver combo of Daniel Ricciardo and Nico Hulkenberg this year, but they have not delivered on expectations.

While team boss Cyril Abiteboul is bullish about the team’s power unit package which served them well at the recent Italian Grand Prix with some impressive top speed and a solid race finish for the team, but their chassis is lacking at least a second to the benchmark teams.

Acknowledged that it has not been plain sailing for the French outfit this year, Abiteboul told the official F1 site, “It’s been bumpy this year. There have been a number of occasions where we could have had a decent result with some points and helping for the championship.

“That has not happened for many different reasons and sometimes for our own cause, sometimes external factors. [In Italy] nothing has gone against us, against the result – a deserved result.”

“I think it’s really fair to say the job done on the engine side is very clear, said Abiteboul. “We were competitive in Montreal, in Spa, in Monza, which means the demonstration is clear.

“The weaknesses of the car are still here – that’s why I’m not overjoyed because I know there still will be tough times ahead of us in the season but this is just a demonstration of the strengths, which have been clearly exposed [at Monza],” added the Frenchman.