Hamilton Backs Mercedes in Recent Interview

Mercedes had an impressionable moment at Spa-Francorchamps, keeping up the pace and even getting Hamilton to speak out on the moment.

Ferrari took to the finish line first, as was expected but was unexpected was the speed and precision shown by German car developer, Mercedes. Lewis Hamilton almost took Charles Leclerc in what was one of the most fantastic races.


The F1 will be held at Monza Eni Circuit, Italy over the weekend of the 6th of September and commences on the 8th of September. The heat is on between Hamilton and Leclerc and many are vouching for Merc to take the lead at the upcoming Formula 1.

The final two races of the Italian Grand Prix F1 are generally the most successful and even NetBet Sports partakes in the festivities as high rollers place genuine cash on the outcome. This year seems to have favoured Ferrari so far but Mercedes may surprise all supporters the weekend.

The race at Spa-Francorchamps, Ferrari proved the advantage over Mercedes on the straights, perhaps by half a second, but it took beautifully to the tar and beat half a second on the second lap. An advantage for Merc, however, was that Lewis Hamilton, professional driver he is, accomplished making the tyres last longer than competitive brands. This aids in the final lap, threatening Ferrari andother competing names in the F1.

Mercedes was a mere half a second behind the winner, Ferrari driver Leclerc and Valterri Bottas came in third.

So while Ferrari may have gained more tar during the straights at Spa which boasts 19, it is still widely believed that Merc still stands a great chance at Monza despite having only 11 corners.

Hamilton told the media that Monza is ‘all straights’ and it would be believed that Ferrari would be happy with this. He also said that Mercedes is losing over a second lap but there isn’t much concern as there is very little Hamilton and teammate Valtteri could do about that as there aren’t that many corners to use to gain speed on their opposition.

The famous F1 driver continued telling the media that the next few days would be interesting as they would need to improve on straight speed and if, in the end, it would even be possible. Hamilton spoke out positively about his team and remained steadfast in his belief that if anyone could improve and take Ferrari it would be the team at Mercedes. Lewis Hamilton hopes for a longer race to that he can have the advantage of gaining upon the opposition as he did in the last race.

There have been a few other drivers to share Hamilton’s sentiments, having followed closely behind Ferrari.

There is obvious speculation as to what Mercedes can do, but many doubt the car manufacturer will be able to steal the win from Ferrari. This is what adds excitement to the upcoming race and has fans and supporters avidly watching the F1 held this weekend at Monza.