McLaren: We’re Optimistic We Can Fight for Good Points

Carlos Sainz: “It was quite an eventful qualifying for everyone. A weird last run we aren’t used to seeing. Anyway, I think I managed to extract the maximum from the car and, as a team, we executed a very solid quali, so we should be happy with our overall performance today.

“P7 is a good starting position for tomorrow and it gives us a good fighting chance for the race and for points. The weather might play a big role, so we’ll be ready for different scenarios.”

Lando Norris: “It’s been a reasonable day. I was already on the back foot from yesterday. Even in FP3, because I was still a bit more race-focused, when it comes to the qualifying laps, the more situations you can be in to prepare for that, the better.

“I feel what I did today was what I needed to do. I qualified ahead of Verstappen and ahead of Gasly, the two other drivers who have penalties. I also helped Carlos into Q3. Everything we could do, we did – so a good day.”

Andreas Seidl, Team Principal: “In Belgium, last weekend, we struggled on Friday and Saturday, so coming to Monza the aim was very much to improve our performance in low-downforce trim. Our specific targets for qualifying were to get Carlos into Q3, and ensure Lando could start the race tomorrow in front of Gasly and Verstappen – the two other cars with penalties. We achieved both targets, and yesterday in practice we saw good long-run pace, so we’re optimistic we can fight for good points.

“The performance in qualifying saw great teamwork from the drivers and the car crews, getting the cars out at precisely the right times in Q2, ensuring Carlos could benefit from Lando’s tow. Obviously Lando’s starting position is compromised by his PU penalties, but we’re here to fight and we’re very much looking forward to an exciting Italian Grand Prix.”