Fernando Alonso, Zak Brown

Brown: We will talk to Alonso about Indycar

Fernando Alonso, Zak Brown

McLaren boss Zak Brown says he will talk about Fernando Alonso’s future during next month’s Italian Grand Prix weekend.

It appears that Alonso is not returning to Formula 1 next year, and there are rumours that his 2020 project will in fact be his debut at the off-road Dakar rally.

But McLaren is entering the full Indycar championship next year, and supremo Brown wants Alonso to be involved.

“I have to say he has not shown interest in the full season so far,” Brown is quoted by El Confidencial. “But I think his desire to win the Indy 500 is undiminished. He is aware of our Indy project and we will talk about it at Monza.”

Brown will clearly try to convince the 38-year-old to sign up for the full 2020 season, “He would be very well received, he would enjoy it and knowing the way he drives, I think he would be very successful.”

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