Michael Masi

Masi absolves Hockenheim for on-track chaos on race day

Formula 1 race director has cleared Hockenheim of blame for much of the carnage seen during the wet German Grand Prix. that delivered an enthralling race which is a candidate for the race of the century.

Top drivers including Charles Leclerc, Valtteri Bottas, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Hulkenberg all crashed last Sunday.


Speaking to Globo, Masi cleared the circuit of blame, “We inspected it the other day and looked again after the race.”

“It’s one of those cases where even if you paint it with non-slip paint, it’s still more slippery than unpainted asphalt,” Masi said.

After his incident, Leclerc said the ice-rink style grip in the runoff where he crashed was “unacceptable”, even though he insisted: “I don’t want there to be headlines that say ‘Charles Leclerc blames the track for his mistake’.

“I take responsibility for my mistake,” the Ferrari driver added.

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