Hamilton and Vettel lead call to save German Grand Prix

Formula 1’s top drivers Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton are pleading with the sport to keep Hockenheim on the calendar.

It seems that both Barcelona and Hockenheim could be missing from the 2020 schedule in order to make room for new races at Zandvoort and Vietnam.

“We just had a great race and it would be a shame to lose it,” Ferrari’s Vettel told DPA news agency before leaving Hockenheim for potentially the last time. It’s important to have the sport where the passion is.”

“Germany and Spain have long histories of racing, so it would be pity to lose them and instead go to a place where they pay millions to host the race but nobody is in the stands,” he added.

Vettel also told Bild newspaper: “I know the people here at Hockenheim very well. They don’t make any money from Formula 1, but their passion and dedication is remarkable. But in Germany, unlike many other countries, there is no political support.”

Mercedes’ Hamilton told RTL he agrees with his Ferrari rival, “There are only a few races that are the home of motorsport with such passionate spectators. Whatever happens, we 100 per cent need a German Grand Prix.

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