Carey: Our enthusiasm for Germany will always remain

Formula 1 chief Chase Carey has admitted talks about the future of the German Grand Prix are at a difficult stage ahead of this year’s edition of the race.

It is expected that Hockenheim and Barcelona will be excluded from next year’s 21-race calendar to make room for incoming races in Vietnam and Zandvoort.

“We are yet to publish the Formula 1 calendar for 2020, so I don’t want to anticipate which races will be there,” Carey, F1’s chief executive, told Sport Bild.

“But as I always say, Germany is an incredibly important market for us. There are many German fans, a German team has won the last five titles, and a German driver is racing for the world championship.

“We will continue to work on offering something to the fans,” Carey added.

However, it is unlikely that the ‘something’ will be a 2020 German Grand Prix, as Hockenheim boss Georg Seiler admitted this week.

Indeed, Carey admitted the talks with Hockenheim are “difficult” but added “our enthusiasm for Germany and the German market will always remain.”

This weekend sees the 63rd F1 Grand Prix in the country, with Hockenheim having hosted 36 of those.

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