De la Rosa: Budget cap of $175-million is still a huge amount

Formula 1 veteran Pedro de la Rosa has admitted he is not excited about Formula 1’s new rules for 2021 despite the fact that the regulations have not been formally announced, however it is already known that the budget cap figure will be $175-million per team.

It has also emerged that the 2021 cars will produce a ‘ground effect’ to help overtaking by reducing the amount of traditional wing-produced downforce.

“I don’t care about the aerodynamic regulations,” former F1 driver de la Rosa told Marca. “The important thing is the reduction in budgets, because if there is equality there, there will be overtaking.

“But $170 million is still a huge amount. I think they need more common technical elements and then pay the money to all the teams more equitably. At the moment, some teams get ten times more than others,” the Spaniard added.

Formula 1 is managing to make notable changes to the rules, though, including plans to standardise some parts which De la Rosa buys into, “Yes, the idea is right, but it has to be more than on the surface. I say make the wings, diffusers and floors standard. The wings would save the teams €30 or €40-million alone.”

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