Alonso to Nascar? Never say never with him…

Fernando Alonso has played down speculation that he is pushing for a return to Formula 1 while the motorsport world waits on his next move which could even involve a Nascar adventure for the two-time Formula 1 World Champion.

The Spaniard, who quit McLaren and the sport last year, has indicated he might be interested in returning with a top team capable of winning.

But he is now quoted by Spain’s EFE news agency as suggesting the conditions for his return are not currently present.

“In recent years, what it can offer me on a personal level is not attractive enough,” said Alonso. “F1 for me was exceptional, but today I do not find the challenges I need.”

The almost 38-year-old added that he is not sitting at home waiting for a team to call him, “I’ve always chosen when, where and what I want to race based on what makes me happy.”

“I know what I’m doing. I do not intentionally leave doors open in the hope that someone will call me. I make decisions based on what makes me happy. What I’m doing is in my head and I’ll talk about it in due course.”

As for what Alonso’s 2020 plans are exactly, the double world champion isn’t saying. But he did rule out reports that he could do the Dakar Rally explaining that “suddenly doing the toughest rally in the world would be something extreme.”

Another option could be Nascar, with some suggesting Toyota could field an entry for him, the marque’s Stateside racing boss Rob Leupen told El Mundo Deportivo: “Not this year. But will Fernando? You never know.”

Last year Jimmie Johnson and Alonso did a car swap during a promotional event at Bahrain International Circuit after which the Nascar legend commented, “He loves to be sideways and smoking the tires.

“Every time I saw him in the Cup car, the rear tires were smoking. Even on our little laps after for the cameras, I don’t think he was ever straight on any of those laps, either. So, he’s a very talented driver.”

Big Question: Fernando to Nascar? How likely?

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