W Series champion to get Super Licence points

Female drivers in the new all-women W Series championship will qualify for points towards a Formula 1 Super Licence.

“If what we are about is getting our drivers into the upper echelons of motorsport, especially into Formula 1, this represents an absolute sea change in opportunities for women,” said the series’ CEO Catherine Bond Muir.

The Telegraph claims the 2020 W Series champion will get between 12 and 18 Super Licence points. To race in Formula 1, drivers must have at least 40 Super Licence points.

The Formula 2 and Indycar champions gets 40 Super Licence points, while F3, Formula E and world endurance champions get 30. Formula 4 champions receive 12 points.

W Series also gave an overview of the prize-money break-down for this past season:

  • US$500,000 for 2019 W Series winner
  • All W Series drivers to receive prize money, down to US$7500 for lowest-placed finishers
  • Top 12 drivers in 2019 W Series to receive automatic entry to 2020 W Series
  • Drivers below top 12 have option to reapply for 2020 W Series
  • FIA Superlicence points to be awarded in 2020 W Series

The total prize fund for 2019 is US$1.5 million, to be distributed as follows:

1st place US$500,000
2nd place US$250,000
3rd place US$125,000
4th place US$100,000
5th place US$90,000
6th place US$80,000
7th place US$70,000
8th place US$60,000
9th place US$50,000
10th place US$40,000
11th place US$30,000
12th place US$25,000
13th place US$20,000
14th place US$15,000
15th, 16th, 17th and 18th places US$7500
Reserves US$7500