Rosberg: Valtteri must stop being a nice guy to beat Lewis

The only way Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas can beat his teammate Lewis Hamilton is for the Finn to work harder according to Nico Rosberg, who says he learned that lesson when he was with the Silver Arrows with the five-time Formula 1 World Champion from 2013 to 2016.

Rosberg actually won the 2016 title before immediately retiring, and he says he is now watching closely as Bottas also tries to beat Hamilton.

“In my case, Lewis is a slightly more naturally talented driver,” the German told Ilta Sanomat newspaper. “He’s the most talented driver in history together with Ayrton Senna, and so the only way to beat him was to do a tremendous amount of work.

“With Valtteri, it’s the same. You can see he is working very hard and is very dedicated. It’s his big strength. Last year he had a hard time, but he’s taken big steps this year. It’s because of all the small details. Even his beard bringing publicity was important” Rosberg added.

The 2016 F1 World champion said he also had to harden his personality in order to give himself the attitude necessary to take on a F1 great like Hamilton.

“It was difficult because I’m not naturally like that at all,” he revealed. “I’m a nice guy, and I think Valtteri is too. It’s really difficult to change yourself in that way.

“In the winter, I did two hours of psychological and philosophical exercises every other day. The workload was huge on top of everything else. I was doing the same thing for years, but in my last season I really pushed it,” recalled Rosberg.

Big Question: Can Valtteri do a Nico and beat Lewis to at least one title?

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