Vettel: I prefer Silverstone to something fancy in London

Four-time World Champion Sebastian Vettel has suggested that Formula 1 should scrap its plans to take the sport to the city of London.

On the eve of the British Grand Prix, the Ferrari driver hailed Silverstone’s new five-year race contract is “fabulous news” for Formula 1.

“I am happy that we are staying here and keeping our traditions rather than trying something fancy in London,” he is quoted by German media.

“I see no reason to keep going to more and more cities. I don’t think we would have more fans in London than we do here,” Vettel said at Silverstone.

Meanwhile, Liberty Media is not ruling out a Formula 1 race in London according to CEO Chase Carey, “We always said that, if it is to have a long-term future, our sport must preserve its historic venues. Negotiations with London continue.”

Liberty keeping its eye on London is obviously a concern for Silverstone, with the BRDC’s Grant hinting that it has even been factored into the new British Grand Prix deal.

“If it delivers a new audience to Formula 1, that’s good. We don’t oppose it, rather we support Liberty fully,” Grant said.

But he also said he is “concerned” that another British race could have financial consequences for Silverstone, “We had a very open discussion with our friends at Formula 1 on this point, and they understand our concerns.”

“As a result, we have come up with a set of agreements that protect our interests in case certain events become a reality,” added Grant.

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