Steiner: We asked them to black-flag our cars

Haas F1 boss Guenther Steiner has confirmed that his team requested that both their drivers be ‘black-flagged’ during FP1, on the first day of Monaco Grand Prix practice, as the team was struck with a bizarre IT issue during the Thursday morning session.

Speaking to reporters at the end of the day, Steiner explained, “We had an issue with the IT equipment. We had no data anymore, no radio, we couldn’t contact them, anything, and we couldn’t see what the car was doing. They needed to come in quick.

“We put the pit board out but they didn’t see it, so we came up with the idea let’s ask race control to give them the black flag so they’ll come in. That’s what we did. Everybody got a little too excited about it.”

“We were a little bit creative there and asked for some help to get them focussed to come in. They got in and then we fixed the problem and we got out the last 20 minutes.”

“They should look at the pit board as well! I think they will now in future if for more than five laps you don’t hear anything on the radio in Monte Carlo something must be wrong,” added the Haas team principal.

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