Di Caprio produced Formula E movie to premiere at Cannes

A new Formula E documentary titled ‘And We Go Green’ will premiere at Cannes Film Festival next week, taking viewers behind the scenes of the electric street racing series and highlighting the purpose of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship as a proving ground for electric technologies in a bid to combat climate change and air pollution.

Produced by Leonardo DiCaprio and directed by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Fisher Stevens and Malcolm Venville, the highly- cinematic documentary uses intimate character-driven storylines and unseen race footage from Jean-Eric Vergne’s championship-winning season.

Variety reports that “the behind-the-scenes vérité look at the ABB FIA Formula E Championship chronicles how the groundbreaking electric car racing series has matured from upstart championship to the world’s fastest-growing sport in four short years.”

In addition to offering compelling racing footage “And We Go Green” also dovetails with DiCaprio’s interest in combating global warming and air pollution.”