Storey: I keep on getting legal letters from Red Bull

William Storey, whose Rich Energy company sponsors the Haas F1 team, talks about the recent legal battle surrounding the stag design in the logo after which the judge deemed the design was copied from the almost identical Whyte Bikes logo

During the interview with veteran F1-man-of-many-hats Peter Windsor, Storey belittled and accused Whyte Bikes of dirty tricks, “If when we were designing this we had been aware of a company with a very similar logo then, of course, we would have changed that design language.”

“Ultimately we did everything in good faith and that’s why we went through all the correct legal routes, and for this company, yesterday, to emerge out of the woodwork two and a half years later we felt was just an extortion attempt.”

Companies House records show that White Bikes Limited (Company number 07915352) was incorporated on 19 January 2012, while Rich Energy Limited (Company number 09791667) was formed on 23 September 2015.

He also suggested that unseen forces were making life difficult for his company which he insists is growing fast, so much so that he revealed how Red Bull are taking him to task over certain issues he failed to delve into despite Windsor interrupting him and promising to return to the matter but not doing so in

Storey said, “We certainly do have quite a few people trying to cause us problems. I mean Red Bull have threatened to sue me on four occasions now.”

Asked for what, he replied, “Well, I mean very good question, I mean that the lawyers have rebutted them and they’ve decided against it but, you know, I keep on getting legal letters from Red Bull.”

Cue the ‘messenger’ Windsor cutting Storey short before he could explain and then, for a veteran with this kind of access, he failed to ask the right questions and address the issues that cloud Rich Energy and their wannabe maverick owner.

The PR video made by Windsor is entertaining, it left me contemplating [in open-mouthed bewilderment] if Storey is to be taken seriously, is he an eccentric genius business-wiz yet to surprise us all, a totally deluded individual living in LaLaLand or a trickster hiding under the ZZ-Top mop?

Meanwhile ita appears that Rich Energy are appealing the verdict and will be in court again in late June according to their Twitter post:

Watch this space!

Big Question: What to make of this guy William Storey?

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