Horner: What you don’t want is saturation of F1 races

While Formula 1 chiefs look to expand the season calendar to anything up to 25 races, Red Bull team principal Christian Horner warns that saturation is a risk and urges caution as the impact of more races will have widespread implications.

Speaking to Motorsport Week, Horner said of increasing championship rounds, “I think what you have to appreciate is that a grand prix weekend, not for us but the people down in the garage, it’s a week-long event.”

“For many other functions that are involved in going to grands prix, 21 is already a big ask. Going beyond that is, I feel, we’re a tipping point.”

“You then have to look at the construction of the grand prix weekend. Do we need to do as much testing as we do? The duration of the season. All those factors and what impact it has on cost and budget caps and so on and, is ultimately it going to make a better show?”

“A book can only have so many chapters and we want to make sure as many of those chapters are as entertaining as possible and it crescendos to something. What you don’t want to have is saturation.”

“And I think it’s finding that balance of what is the right number and what is the right construction of a race weekend,” added Horner.

Big Question: What is the right amount of races for a Formula 1 season?