bianca senna photo ayrton

Bianca Senna: A day to celebrate the legacy of an idol

bianca senna photo ayrton

Bianca Senna, the niece of Ayrton Senna, highlighted that despite the pain of the memory of his death 25 years ago, at Imola, his legacy continues to inspire and bring joy to disadvantaged communities in Brazil.

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Formula 1 legend’s death, Bianca wrote:

“This Wednesday we will hold a big party to celebrate a national hero, who has left us values like determination, humility, respect to others and teamwork.”

“A day to celebrate the legacy of an idol who left emotional marks inside and outside the auto racing tracks. A great man who transformed the life of millions of Brazilians. This is how we of the Senna family and the team at Ayrton Senna Institute have experienced the 1st of May since my uncle Ayrton died.”

“His death occurred 25 years ago. On this date we mix the pain of his loss and the joy to see the realisation of his great dream. Ayrton was in love with his country and wished that all Brazilians would have the chance to totally develop their potential and autonomy to choose their future.”

“More than philanthropy and sporadic aids to one or another cause, my Uncle dreamt of a better future for all Brazilians and he discussed this dream with my mother Viviane.”

“Unfortunately, with the accident at Imola that interrupted his life, Ayrton never had the chance to personally realise this objective. But Viviane followed through firmly with this great aim/mission. A few months after his death she began the major legacy of Ayrton: the Ayrton Senna Institute.”

“Twenty-five years later this mission transformed itself into a renowned reference in education, which had produced knowledge and applied it on a large scale in partnership with states and municipalities. This has resulted in more than 230,000 teachers and the impact of 26-million students all over Brazil.”

“This really something to be proud of,” concluded Bianca’s statement.