Ayrton Senna Tribute Video Stream

Today, the 25th anniversary of the passing of one of the sport’s greatest race drivers and global sporting icon – Ayrton Senna – it is fit to stream a selection of clips, some familiar but others perhaps not, featuring tributes to the three-time Formula 1 World Champion by the YouTube community.

For most of the world 1st of May is Workers Day or Labour Day or May Day, for me and I am sure countless others it is simply Senna Day. The day we were robbed of a great character and a fantastic race driver.

That a quarter of a century since Ayrton perished, he continues to inspire and still illuminate the minds of many is a tribute to his legacy. But in the end, he was a human being like all of us with faults and foibles.

He was no angel on the race track and had his tantrums, and those flaws were what made him the diamond he became to many fans before he passed, and of course since that fateful day at Imola.

Be warned among the clips in the above selection are contentious theories and some shocking visuals. Pretending this sport is not savage at times, would not do justice to the man who died that May Day 25 years ago and the countless other heroes who are no longer with us.

There are about five hours of footage to tuck into when you feeling nostalgic. Enjoy!