george russell mercedes

Mercedes: Great to have George back in our car

george russell mercedes

George Russell was driving the Mercedes-AMG F1 W10 EQ Power+ on the second day of the Bahrain in-season test, completing 101 laps and setting the fastest time of the day.

  • Today’s programme focused on aero data collection and set-up work
  • Mercedes-Benz Power Units completed a total of 1,607 km today

George Russell: “Timings don’t mean a lot in testing; however, it’s always a special experience to be on top of the timesheets. We had a very productive day today, the team learned a lot of things to help them progress. Driving a different car than usual, I personally also learned a lot which I can take back to further improve my driving.”

Andrew Shovlin: “It’s been great to have George back in our car for the day and many thanks to Williams for allowing it. He did an excellent job today, the way he goes about testing and his consistency and feedback would make you think he has a couple of seasons of F1 under his belt, not just two races.”

“The morning had been successful, we had a packed programme due to the rain yesterday but were getting through the items very well. Unfortunately, at lunch we spotted a small water leak that wasn’t a quick fix which delayed our afternoon programme quite considerably.”

“Whilst we couldn’t complete all our test items, we’ve done the important bits and we leave here with more information and understanding of the car and tyres and we’ve managed to test some developments that we plan to roll out over the next few races.”

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